The Power of One Word

One Word CCC mutedAs a new year has once again rolled around, we often find ourselves making resolutions or goals that many times go unfulfilled or unrecognized.  We lose willpower or focus, or sometimes life circumstances arise that causes these well-intended plans not to come to fruition, leaving us frustrated and disappointed that another year has elapsed and we are no closer to those resolutions and goals than when they were made.

Consider narrowing those resolutions and goals to one word. Honing the thoughts and desires for the year to one word brings a focused intent that is not only easier to remember, but also allows us to build and deepen our connection to and understanding of the word and how it applies to our life.  How does this process work?

Pray, Meditate, and Concentrate

Pray, meditate, and concentrate. Take the time to really understand and know what word you want to choose for the upcoming year.  Maybe it is an area of personal growth.  Maybe it is something you lack, but would like to attain.  Maybe it is something you would like to refine or define in yourself.  Whatever the source, make sure you word is impactful, meaningful, and applicable to your life.

Research Your Word

Research your word. A quick way to get started with your one word is to find the formal, Webster’s definition of the word.  After your formal definition, develop a personal definition of what the word means for your life.  You can even pray and see what might be revealed to you about some of the deeper, spiritual meanings of your word.

Be Creative

Be creative. If you are crafty and enjoy more artistic expressions, use that creativity in ways that help visually remind you of your word so it is before your eyes and mind in highly visible places (bathroom mirror, refrigerator, bulletin board, journal, etc.). If you are not so artistically inclined, write your work on sticky notes or print your word in a creative font.  However you choose to remember your word is totally up to you, but be intentional about doing so in a way that helps you stay focused on your word day to day, week to week.

One word. So seemingly small, yet so powerful.  The heavens and earth and all that resides within them were created with one word.  Don’t underestimate the power of one word and what it can create in you.

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